Moving Out

Dear Resident(s):

We have been informed that you will be vacating your home in the upcoming weeks. We would like to make it as easy as possible to process your move out and maximize the return of your security deposit. Attached is a general move out checklist explaining the type of things that we will be looking for during your move out inspection.

Please note: If you completed and returned to The Mor Group a property condition report upon move in, it will be used, along with move in pictures that were taken prior to your move in, in our evaluation of your property and any deductions that may need to be applied. If you did not send us your property condition report within the first 10 days of moving in, we will assume that everything was in perfect move in condition.

We hope that you have enjoyed having us as your property management company, and we wish you happiness.

The Mor Group

*** Please make sure to provide The Mor Group your new mailing address prior to your departure ***

*** Your final move out ledger and any refund due to you, will be mailed to you within 30 days from your move out date or the day you surrender the keys to our office ***



  • Power, Water & Gas must be on for inspection.
  • Make sure all utilities have been paid in full.
  • Home, garage, and yard(s) must be completely free of all personal items and trash.
  • Dust and clean all floors, walls, baseboards, window sills, countertops, cabinets, window coverings, light fixtures & ceiling fans & blades.
  • Clean all fixtures, sinks, showers, bathtubs, mirrors, toilets and behind the toilets.
  • Replace all damaged or broken window coverings or windows.
  • Garbage disposal should be tested and free from blockage.
  • All appliances must be cleaned thoroughly inside and out.
  • Stove drip pans must be replaced if applicable and any broken stove knobs must be replaced.
  • Electrical light and wall switch cover plates must be replaced if broken, stained or missing.
  • All burned out light bulbs throughout must be replaced with the same looking watt bulbs.
  • Replace all broken or missing light fixture covers.
  • Replace all broken or missing bathroom towel racks and toilet paper holders.
  • Fireplace must be cleaned out and dust free.
  • Patios, balconies and storage closets must be swept and free of debris and trash.
  • Change all A/C filters with the correct size filter.
  • Carpets must be professionally cleaned. A Copy of receipt is required.
  • Replace broken or missing windows panes and screens.
  • Landscape and shrubs must be cleaned up and trimmed. Free of Debris.
  • All nails, wall decals etc. must be removed and the holes patched properly and painted. IF YOU TOUCH UP PAINT MAKE SURE THE PAINT WILL MATCH FIRST. IF YOU PAINT & IT DOES NOT MATCH, YOU WILL BE CHARGED TO RE-PAINT THE WHOLE WALL.

*** When your home is ready for the move out inspection, drop off all keys and garage remotes at the Property Management office at 11201 S. Eastern Ave Suite #215 Henderson, NV 89052 ***