No Set-up Fee
(If the Mor Group sends 2 or more vendors (flooring, paint, handyman, landscape, plumbing, electrical, carpet cleaning, locksmith, etc.) to get your home rent ready, we will charge a maintenance oversight fee and will disclose the cost upfront.)
Management Fee7% or $100 MINIMUM
Leasing Fee
(This pays for all advertising and both agents’ commissions. We are extremely aggressive with our marketing, we list the properties on over 20 websites and have 8 active rental agents showing the properties and answering all lead calls.)
Initial Deposit and Reserve
(Taken out of 1st month’s rent or owner can provide up-front)
One Time Listing Without Property Management
Includes: Marketing pictures, listing your home on many websites, screening the tenants, lease preparation, taking hundreds of move in pictures the day a tenant moves in, and provides a Property Condition Report.
$1200 TOTAL ($300 upfront)
Other fees may apply For Extraordinary Services but will always be disclosed up-front.

The Mor Group utilizes a variety of licensed and insured vendors who are responsive, professional, and provide the highest quality service at a reasonable price.

These fees apply to clients with an active management agreement.