First thing that needs to be determined is how you will be paying for this home.
When buying with cash, Proof of Funds (POF) is required to submit offers. We will need a copy of one of the following: the most current bank statement, CD account(s) balance statement, 401k, 1031 Exchange or any other form. The statement must show the Buyer’s name, date (within the last 30 days), and the amount of available funds.

If Obtaining Financing – A pre-Approval Letter is needed – Get pre-approved with a lender of your choice & provide me with a pre-approval letter showing the $ amount you are approved for.

We work with many different vendors in the field. We have lenders whom have shown a good work ethic and a history of successful closings with our clients. Our lenders are located in Las Vegas which makes the transaction smoother as opposed to an out of state lender or one whose priorities are not with our clients. We always urge clients to shop around for the best possible financing options.

We will need a copy of your Earnest Money Deposit check also known as EMD. A copy of your EMD check & your POF or Pre Approval letter must always be submitted with all offers.

When preparing the EMD check, please make sure of the following:

  1. The EMD check is typically payable to the title company of the sellers choice
  2. The EMD check needs to be from and signed by you (Purchaser/Buyer)
  3. In the “MEMO” line of the check, you may write: “EMD”