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    A Local’s Guide to Experiencing Las Vegas

    las vegas property management

    Whether you are visiting a new place on vacation or you just moved there and want to blend in, it’s common to want to do as the locals do in Las Vegas. From great places to eat and drink to top-notch entertainment and nightlife, here are some inside tips from a Las Vegas property management company on how to learn to navigate Las Vegas like a local, regardless of how long you have been here.

    Hang Out on The Strip

    property managers in las vegas

    The Strip is one of the most famous destinations in Las Vegas. The Strip contains many wonderful restaurants and bars for those looking to get a taste of Sin City’s culinary scene. One of the most popular restaurants in Las Vegas is Superfrico, located at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Superfrico is an Italian American restaurant. Dining here means you’ll get much more than just a meal. Instead, you can enjoy an immersive experience that includes entertainment with a soundtrack. The food is an all-Italian plethora of new age dishes and familiar staples such as Chicken Parm and Tiramisu.

    Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge
    This cocktail lounge features original cocktails and often has live music. If you are looking for something different from the norm, ask for a matchbook, a speakeasy term for a menu. You’ll get access to a secret menu by asking for the matchbook, and it’s a secret tip that will make it seem like you’re from the area, as real estate agents in Las Vegas will gladly tell you.

    The Shag Room
    Another great spot to get a drink in Las Vegas is the Shag Room, located at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. The Shag Room has a curated bar menu and stellar audio and visual effects. This place is the spot to go for a drink and to soak up all the impressive sights Las Vegas offers. If you visit on a Sunday, you can enjoy an Upside Down Tea Party, a special adults-only tea party that allows you to enjoy sweet and savory morsels and alcohol-infused tea.


    property managers in las vegas

    Although its location may be unknown to you at first, the Unknown bar at Palms Las Vegas will soon be a place you’ll be glad you discovered. Unknown is just a short drive from The Strip, which makes it an easy trip out from the city and back again. A world-renowned artist also designed the cocktail bar, and it gets special new touches all the time. One of the most famous features of Unknown is the shark sculpture mounted to the bar. The shark is also an excellent spot for a photo op!

    Vanderpump A Paris
    The Vanderpump is located in Paris, Las Vegas. Vanderpump is a sleek and stylish lounge that television star Lisa Vanderpump inspired. The Vanderpump features an extensive menu with dinner, drinks, and desserts. Along with the delicious food and innovative cocktails, you can also enjoy the unique décor of the place with original touches such as velvet banquettes and dazzling crystal chandeliers housed in wrought iron cages.

    The Downtown area of Las Vegas is a low-key spot that is a favorite among locals. Visitors seeking a more laid-back environment will also appreciate the slower pace of Downtown, a Las Vegas property management specialist can tell you. From here, you can still get to popular local hangouts such as Fremont East and the Arts District. The Downtown center also contains a rooftop pool called Citrus, which offers a stunning view of the downtown area. You can also catch great performances and DJ sessions at sunset here. The downtown area is located away from Fremont Street and the more fast-paced areas of Las Vegas.

    DW Bistro
    Property managers in Las Vegas will tell you that DW Bistro is a great find if you’re looking for a satiating bite to eat in preparation for a day ahead of touring houses or apartments where you might want to live. DW Bistro is located in an apartment community in the southwestern part of the valley. This happening breakfast joint features an open-air design with plenty of natural sunlight. Jamaican and New Mexican influences inspire the cuisine. Some of the top dishes include jerked meats, chiles, rice, and tortillas. A special menu is provided for weekend brunch. The menu includes sweet items such as challah French toast and southern-style classics such as jerk chicken and waffles. Meat eaters can also enjoy delicious pork and curry bowls.

    Marche Bacchus

    property managers in las vegas

    Another standout breakfast joint is called Marche Bacchus. Marche is a French-inspired bistro with an impressive selection of food and wine. You can pick up a bottle of white or red to enjoy with your Sunday brunch as you sit by the water. The food menu is equally appealing, with items such as crepes, frittatas, and eggs Benedict.

    Esther’s Kitchen
    Esther’s Kitchen is located in the Arts District, an up-and-coming area of Las Vegas. Esther’s Kitchen features seasonal Italian dishes served in a rustic tradition. The dishes are seasonally inspired and change frequently, so there is always something to look forward to. This popular lunch restaurant has familiar favorites along with more imaginative dishes. You can enjoy a filling and laid-back lunch before exploring other parts of the Arts District like Antique Alley.

    If visiting potential places to live in Las Vegas all day has made you hungry, you can reward yourself with a visit to Raku. Raku is considered to be a top restaurant in Sin City. The restaurant offers top-notch Japanese fare but without a pretentious atmosphere. The restaurant’s menu and atmosphere are both sleek and elegant but still simple. The menu also rotates regularly to reflect the changing flavors and colors of the seasons.

    Peppermill Las Vegas
    The Peppermill is a “must see” in Las Vegas for those who enjoy unique cocktails and a retro atmosphere. Peppermill has some of the most creative and innovative drinks around, and it also has a lengthy list of diner-style favorites. Within the Peppermill is the Fireside Lounge, a popular place for gathering by the fire while enjoying a tropical cocktail or another desert-inspired concoction.

    The Golden Tiki
    Although Las Vegas may be known for its fast-paced and contemporary environment, The Golden Tiki is one place you can go that still offers the feel of a classic tiki bar from the 1950s. The Golden Tiki is set apart from The Strip, allowing you to escape the town center’s hustle and bustle while mingling with locals. Here the vibe is more low-key and laid back than in other parts of the city, so you can thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to chat with the people around you. If you’re thinking about getting a place to live in Las Vegas, property managers in Las Vegas can tell you that mixing with the local crowd here is a great place to learn more about the area.

    Herbs and Rye
    Those who spend time in Las Vegas from sunup to sundown will need fuel and sustenance during the hours in between. Herbs and Rye is a late-night spot located just off The Strip. If you’re not ready to end the evening, Herbs and Rye is your answer.

    After learning all about what Sin City offers, you may wonder “where can I find a real estate agent near me to help with finding a place to live in Las Vegas?” Contact The Mor Group today for all the inside information you need.

    Contact Cassie and Adi, owners of The Mor Group, by calling 702-501-1085 or filling out our contact form here.

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    las vegas property management

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