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    Please verify there are no active applications before applying. Please text Cassie to find out the most up to date status at: 702-501-1085.

    If there is a refund for any reason, there will be a $25 service fee.

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    Minimum Rental Requirements

    Thank you for taking the time to apply for one of our rental properties. Below you will find a list of our minimum rental requirements to be considered for approval.

    Please review and check off each of the following requirements:

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    2. Application Fees are Non-Refundable. *
    3. Each occupant over the age of 18 must apply. *
    4. Each applicant must provide a legible copy of their State Issued ID or Driver’s License. *
    5. Each applicant must have and provide their Social Security Number for the purposes of processing their background, credit, criminal, and eviction history. *
    6. Each applicant must have a minimum credit score of 670 and must have no collections within the last year. *
    7. Combined household income must be at least 3 times the monthly rent amount. *
    8. Each applicant must provide their 3 most recent Bank Statements showing an ending balance of at least 2 times the monthly rent amount. *
    9. Each applicant must provide 4 of their most recent pay stubs from their current employer(s). *
    10. Each applicant must have good rental history with No Evictions. *
    11. The Mor Group does not accept co-signers for this rental application. *
    12. Regarding Service Animals, Assistance Animals, or Emotional Support Animals: Applicants must provide documentation from a Physician, Psychiatrist, Social Worker, or other Mental Health Care Professional showing that the animal provides emotional support that alleviates one or more of the identified symptoms or effects of an existing disability. *

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    Benefits of Having a Realtor That is Also a Property Manager

    property manager las vegas

    property manager las vegas

    Hiring a realtor who also works as a property manager can be advantageous in many ways. These professionals often have expanded knowledge of the real estate market and can help you make the wisest decisions about your next real estate investment. The best realtor and property manager Las Vegas has to offer can also help you avoid certain mistakes that could be costly and time-consuming to resolve.


    More Education

    A realtor who’s also a property manager will likely have more training than someone who just works as a real estate agent or landlord. Realtors are required to understand the procedures that are involved in buying and selling homes sufficiently before they can earn their real estate licenses. Realtors also need to know how to analyze contracts. Property managers often have in-depth knowledge of accounting, business management and maintenance work. The person who you hire to help you buy or sell real estate or manage your investment property will be a major asset if they have all this knowledge.

    property manager las vegas

    An Ability to Juggle Different Responsibilities

    Realtors and property managers have different responsibilities in their jobs, and hiring someone who can manage each of these responsibilities effectively can make your life easier. The best property manager in Las Vegas who also works as a realtor will be able to balance each of these responsibilities so that no important details are neglected when it comes to serving you. Another bonus of hiring one of these professionals is that you won’t have to hire a property manager and real estate agent separately, which may also save you a considerable amount of money.

    Here are just a few realtor duties that the professional who you hire can manage:

    • Negotiating sales terms
    • Conducting property showings
    • Processing sales contracts and other important documents
    • Offer clients helpful advice on sales and property purchases
    • Finding properties that are within their clients’ budgets

    property manager las vegas

    Some of the property management responsibilities that this professional will be able to handle include:

    • Adhering to landlord and tenant laws
    • Collecting rent
    • Screening new tenants
    • Conducting evictions lawfully
    • Performing unit inspections
    • Addressing property maintenance issues

    property management las vegas

    The Understanding of Different Business Models

    Realtors and property managers use different business models, and a professional who understands both models can be to your advantage. The person who you hire with real estate transaction and management experience can use these different business models to give you the most comprehensive service. From marketing strategies to saving clients the most money possible, a real estate agent who also has property management experience can use different business tactics to produce the best results.

    property manager las vegas

    More Leads

    A realtor and property manager will have more leads, which can also help you establish more business connections. Leads may come from both the Las Vegas rental market and the local homebuyer market. These professionals with real estate and property management experience will have access to a greater number of people who may be interested in renting from you as well as potential buyers who might be willing to offer you an excellent deal if you want to sell your rental property.


    Access to More Rental Properties

    The most knowledgeable and well-connected real estate agents in Las Vegas have access to a variety of rental properties that could provide you with some great investment opportunities. You can buy one or more of these properties to rent out to tenants so that you can expand your income. From large houses and smaller apartments to rental units that are located in local communities with a lot of retirees, the Las Vegas property management and real estate professional who works with you may have access to these and other types of properties in the area.

    property management las vegas

    Excellent Negotiating Skills

    Excellent negotiating skills are needed for managing properties and finding the best houses for sale in Las Vegas for clients, and a professional who knows how to negotiate effectively in each type of business can handle many of the difficult discussions for you. From stubborn sellers who may have to be persuaded to lower their property sales to difficult tenants who don’t want to communicate, the best realtor and property manager Las Vegas has to offer can negotiate in ways that will likely produce the most desirable results.


    Easier Payment for Services

    By hiring a realtor who also works as a property manager, you’ll be able to pay the same person for each type of service. This professional may even be willing to offer you discounts if you use a variety of their services. If you have trouble keeping up with who you owe money to, hiring someone who can offer you real estate and property management services in one can make paying some of your bills easier.

    You can have the best of both worlds by working with a real estate agent with experience in finding houses for sale in Las Vegas who also manages properties. Working with one of these professionals can save you time, money and a lot of stress. The different tasks that these professionals can handle will give you fewer things to worry about as you try to maximize your property investment.

    The MOR Group | Property Managers Las Vegas

    The Mor Group is a premier Las Vegas property management company that understands the important aspects of managing properties as well as buying and selling real estate. We take the guesswork out of property management and sales by tending to the finest details for our clients. Our team can assist with all aspects of managing, buying or selling a property and will always be happy to help you whenever you need us. At The Mor Group, we keep our Las Vegas property management pricing competitive so that we can continue to give each client affordable service. We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with everything we offer, and we’ll always listen closely to any concerns that you might have so that we can find the best solution. To learn more about what we do for our clients, please contact The Mor Group today by visiting or calling 702-501-1085. We look forward to offering you exemplary service and hope to establish a long-term business relationship with you.

    property management las vegas

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