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    Benefits of Living in the Calico Ridge Area

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    Finding a place to live takes planning and consideration. Aside from purchasing a house that you like, you’ll need to think about other factors as well when deciding where you want to end up. Commuting distance, proximity to conveniences, school district, and safety are just a few things to think about as you’re looking for a place to call home. If you’re eyeing homes in Henderson, one place to consider is Calico Ridge, which has many great qualities. 

    What Makes Calico Ridge a Good Place to Live? 

    Determining whether or not a place is a “good” place to live includes many variables. Some of the key factors in evaluating location are: 

    • Schools
    • Walking Score
    • Amenities
    • Demographics
    • Housing Prices
    • Public Transit
    • Family Activities
    • Dining and Entertainment
    • Real Estate Market

    If you are planning to raise a family here, you’ll likely be thinking about the school systems in the area as you search for homes in Henderson. Some families want to find schools with good sports programs, while preparation for college is essential for others. The quality of the academics at the school, sports programs, and school-related activities are other characteristics to think about when evaluating the local school system. If you live further from the schools or work during the day, you’ll also want to find out beforehand if your children can take the bus to and from school. 

    If you are active or like to be able to walk places easily, a location’s walking score is another consideration. Fortunately, Calico Ridge gets a walking score of nine and a biking score of 19. You can certainly find some tranquil neighborhood streets to walk around on, and you can ride your bike into town to run errands. The closest airport is Boulder City Municipal Airport. 

    For a number of people, having things to do in the area where they live is important. Fortunately, there are fun things to do for people of all ages in the neighborhood. Calico Ridge has a variety of amenities that range from coffee shops and restaurants to great brunch places and even dessert shops. There are also a variety of great outdoor places, including picturesque parks where you can take the kids and pets. Air quality is also good in Calico Ridge compared to other places in the country, which makes it even more appealing for people who want to spend time outside. 

    When you move someplace, you want to know that you will get along with the people who live in the vicinity. Demographics are worth looking at when you are deciding if Calico Ridge is the right place for you and your family. You’ll want to know the average age, how many children are in the area if you’re looking for your children to make friends, and other factors such as political inclinations. The average age in Calico Ridge is 56, and its population size is just over 12,500 people. The average household size is 2.2 people. For diversity overall, the neighborhood gets an “A” rating, and it is considered a great place for housing, public schools, and families. 

    Naturally, before you move anywhere, you’ll want to know what the average home price is if you are buying a home, regardless of whether you are buying a primary home or looking for an investment property in Las Vegas. The median home price in Calico Ridge is $545,252. If you are looking to rent, the average price per month is $1,496 per month, which is great for the Las Vegas rental market. Most people (81%) in the neighborhood own their own home, while close to 20% of people rent in Calico Ridge. 

    Public transit is also a factor to think about when you are deciding where to live. There is public transit in Calico Ridge, which is good news for people who don’t want to rely on a car to drive around whenever they want to leave the house. 

    If you have children and a family, chances are good you’ll be looking for activities that the whole crew can enjoy. Proximity to playgrounds, parks, and daycare centers will be something that parents want to think about as they decide whether Calico Ridge is right for their family. Calico Ridge also has several great preschools. There are a number of fun activities for children and adults alike in the neighborhood. Families in the neighborhood enjoy gathering together for picnics during the warmer months of the year. There are also several nice hiking trails in the area that are popular places to go with the kids. 

    Whether you want to go out for dinner or order takeout, you’ll want to know what the dining scene is like in the area and whether there are enough restaurants, coffee shops, and bars in the vicinity to satisfy your needs. Calico Ridge has many bars, restaurants, and places to get coffee and brunch, which means your food and drink needs will be taken care of around the clock. In the morning, you can get coffee from Coffee Cantata, Mrs. Coco Coffee, Teahouse, and Saxbys Coffee. If you are looking to get an outstanding weekend brunch, you can look forward to a great meal at Mountainside Grill. If dessert is more your cup of tea, you will be delighted to know that there are a number of great options available for satisfying your sweet tooth. Some of the top dessert places in the are 3 Amigos, Tres Amigos, Xing Asian, Sonrisa GrillTres Amigos, and SONIC drive-in. All the places above have great food to start with, and they are also top choices for both food to go and a good dine-in experience. 

    No matter how long you intend to stay, you’ll want to do some research on the real estate market in Calico Ridge before you decide to settle down with the family. Deciding whether or not to buy a house here involves looking at the past, present, and future housing market trends. In general, more than 5% new home sales in a year means that a place is an up-and-coming neighborhood. Calico Ridge in Henderson has home sales that exceed 5%, which means it is an increasingly desirable place to live. That is important to think about if you intend to buy a home and possibly move after a few years, as it means you can likely ask for a higher price for your home than what you originally paid for it. The average price of homes in the area is also increasing, which means buying a primary home or even a second home in the area is a good investment. 

    Quality of Life 

    Quality of life is a gauge of how you will feel living in an area based on how neighbors and others who move in like the area. Calico Ridge tends to have a high quality of life all around, which means you are likely to be quite satisfied with a purchase here. 

    If buying a home in Henderson sounds appealing, The Mor Group will gladly help you out. With experience matching homeowners and families with their dream living location, the friendly and professional staff at The Mor Group is on hand to help put you in your ideal home. Visit our website to learn more and get all the information you need about moving to Calico Ridge and the Henderson area in general.

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