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    Best Public School Districts Around Las Vegas

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    Las Vegas is one of the fastest-growing states in the country, and it is popular with people of all ages, including those with families. Parents looking for a place to live with their children will naturally want to know about the opportunities available for public education. Fortunately, Las Vegas is home to excellent school systems that provide children with quality education and parents with peace of mind.

    What Are the Top School Districts in Nevada?
    Nevada is home to some excellent school systems. Overall, the Las Vegas school system has more than 330 schools, 300,000 students, and an annual budget of more than $5 billion. The city’s school districts are some of the largest in the country and are among the fastest-growing in the nation. Thousands of new students enroll in Las Vegas schools each year.

    The largest school district in Las Vegas, and one of the most prominent, is the Clark County School District. The Clark County School District is rated as a top choice for students and their families.

    Along with the Clark County School District, some other top schools in Las Vegas include Douglas County, Nye County, Storey County, Humboldt County, and Lander County.

    The Douglas County School District is one of the top-rated school districts in Nevada. This school district has seven elementary schools, three middle schools, and three high schools. There are more than 6,000 students enrolled in this school system. The education is top-notch, and graduation rates from the Douglas County School District are generally higher than state and national levels.

    After the Douglas County School District comes the Nye County School District. This school district is ranked as one of the best in the State of Nevada. The Nye County School District has a total of 15 schools with educational opportunities for students of all ages. The school district is located in a town called Pahrump. The Nye County School District is the largest in the contiguous United States. NCSD is geographically impressive as well. A Las Vegas property management company can provide all the additional statistics you may want to know.

    Another highly rated school district in the Las Vegas area is the Storey County School District. The Storey County School District has headquarters in Virginia City, and it has a total of four schools. This school district may be small compared to others, but it has exceptional graduation rates. Over 90% of students who attend school in the Storey County School District graduate, which is a much higher rating compared to other schools in the state.

    Next up in the rankings is the Humboldt County School District. Humboldt County is one of the most highly-rated school districts in the state. There are 11 schools in this system, with a total student population of about 3,500.

    What Determines School Rankings?

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    Now that you know what the top schools are in Las Vegas, you’re probably wondering how the rankings were created in the first place. School rankings include a number of different factors. Generally, the school districts with the highest ratings have the highest graduation rates. Graduates of high school will likely obtain at least a bachelor’s degree, possibly even a higher one, after that. Students who receive a bachelor’s degree will earn about $26,000 more per year than their peers who do not earn a bachelor’s degree. If students decide not to pursue a college degree or feel they are not ready yet to attend college, they can also consider pursuing an alternative avenue to further their education. No matter what route students choose to take, many parents agree that choosing a top school district is ideal for helping their children flourish and succeed.

    Spending Per Student
    Although it might not initially sound like a top factor in deciding where to send a child to school, the amount of money a school district spends on each child can make a difference. In 2019, studies showed that the average expense per student was just over $13,000. Research also shows that the amount of money spent per child positively correlates. Academic success levels also increase if more money is spent on a child. There is considerable variability with public school systems, which are funded mainly through property taxes. Schools in lower-income areas tend to have less funding for essential expenses such as salaries and benefits for school teachers and administrators. Other expenses include the cost of transportation per child, support services, and instructional resources.

    Top Schools by Location

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    The Clark County School District, which encompasses schools in Las Vegas, covers a large area that extends beyond the Las Vegas Valley. There are more than 325,000 students in this school district. Statewide, Nevada has over 700 schools, and nearly 400 are located in the Clark County School District alone. Several notable schools in the Las Vegas districts are within this school district.

    Henderson is one of the most popular places to live in Las Vegas, and it’s also a top place to own a home for families because of its conveniences and safety ratings. Henderson is technically a separate city from Las Vegas, which is a consideration to keep in mind if you are planning to buy property in Henderson and move your family there. Single family property management companies in Las Vegas can tell you about Henderson’s options for schools and housing. A top school system in Henderson is the Somerset Academy of Las Vegas, which has top-ranked elementary and middle schools. Greenspun Junior High School is a top-rated Henderson school, especially for safety and diversity.

    The Shirley and Bill Wallin Elementary School is a top school in Anthem. This school has an overall score of A- for numerous reasons, including its leading academics, teachers, and smaller class size. Anthem’s schools are also diverse. Two standout schools are the Frank S. Lamping Elementary School and the Del E. Webb Middle School. The prestigious middle school ranks among the top 15 in the valley, which is significant considering the school’s relatively small size.


    las vegas property management

    Summerlin is another popular place to live in Las Vegas. Summerlin is appealing for many reasons, including the fact that it has top-notch schools. Summerlin is home to some of the area’s most notable middle schools, including the Lucille S. Rogers Elementary School and the John W. Bonner Elementary School. The John W. Bonner Elementary School has almost equal proficiency in math and reading, which is a significant accomplishment for the school. Summerlin also contains the Sig Rogich Middle School, among the 15 best middle schools in the state.

    Centennial Hills
    Students who excel in science may find their match at a school in Centennial Hills. One of the most highly rated schools for science education is the Coral Academy of Science, and the Imagine Schools at Mountain View also rank high. Rounding out the list is the William and Mary Scherkenach Elementary school, which makes the list of Nevada’s top 100 elementary schools.

    Contact The Mor Group, the best property management in Las Vegas, to learn more about choosing a school and school system in Nevada. Voted “Best of Las Vegas” multiple years in a row, The Mor Group offers both real estate and property management services in the valley. Whether looking to sell/buy a home or potentially begin investing in long-term rentals, our trusted team can help. Contact Cassie and Adi, owners of The Mor Group, by calling 702-501-1085 or filling out our contact form. Check us out on Facebook and view our current real estate listings here.

    las vegas property management

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