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    Henderson, NV: A Top 25 Growing City for 2022

    henderson property management

    Prospective home buyers have many factors to think about as they are deciding where they want to live next. The cost of living, safety, proximity to conveniences, commute to work, and other considerations play a role in choosing where to bring your family. Henderson, Nevada happens to be an up-and-coming place with much to offer prospective homeowners. Henderson has a great mix of culture, good schools, and outdoor activities that offer a broad appeal. If homes in Henderson sound like they are up your alley, contact The Mor Group to get more details on properties in the area and the benefits of living in the growing city of Henderson. 

    Why Live in Henderson? 

    Henderson is a great choice for a place to call home. Henderson is the second biggest city in Nevada, and it is also one of the safest locations to live in the state. If you have children, you’ll also be glad to know that it has one of the best school systems in southern Nevada. Henderson is also located just 15 minutes away from McCarran International Airport, and you can get to California from Henderson in just 30 minutes. Henderson is an equally good place to live and work with a welcoming attitude towards people and businesses. 

    Economic Growth 

    While most of the country has suffered impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic and the preceding economic recession, Henderson has managed to continue running strong. While the economy has suffered in many other places, the economy in Henderson has actually been steadily growing and diversifying over the past few years. Henderson is now home to a number of industries and a vibrant population. Henderson also has a bustling town center, a relatively recent addition to the town. It is attributed to the fact that it is becoming an attractive destination and competitive in drawing a growing population. In Henderson, you will find a wonderful mix of living and work space with an Opportunity Zone and several planned communities. New businesses have settled into the city in recent years, which has provided the city with economic stability and led to the creation of new jobs. Today, you will find that Henderson is a unique place to live with a walking-friendly layout and an appealing living environment. In the past decade, Henderson has experienced tremendous population growth, increasing from 275,000 to about 330,000 people. 

    Business and Enterprise 

    Along with the population growth, Henderson has also experienced a growth in business and business development in the past few years. About 20 years ago, the city created a Business Development Services Center that revolved around customer service. The Services Center created a streamlined approach to provide services to local businesses to avoid delays and roadblocks. While the Services Center has historically provided tremendous assistance to local businesses, it has been even more of an asset during the past two years by creating an online entitlement process during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


    If a place with a good environment is an important factor when you are looking for an investment property in Las Vegas, you will be glad to know that Henderson has a favorable environment for prospective homeowners. There are many areas of new development and redevelopment in Henderson that have helped create an exceptional environment. Redevelopment in the area has been a particularly intriguing draw in recent history. When an area is designated as a key place for redevelopment, property taxes paid to the city are set aside to create resources for local residents and encourage reinvestment. The city is proud to have a residential improvement program in areas designated for redevelopment. This program provides funding to help cover the cost of basic improvements to a property, which includes painting a home’s exterior, fixing up the walls, building fences, and landscaping. Along with simply making properties look their best and making homeowners feel better about where they live, the redevelopment areas have also helped to increase the average home value in Henderson. Now, home values in Henderson are about 30% higher compared to the rest of the state. If you are deciding whether or not to buy a home here, real estate agents in Henderson would be the first to say that you are missing out if you pass on a Henderson home! 

    Real Estate Market 

    When you are thinking about where you want to live, the state of the local real estate market is naturally an important consideration. If you are seriously considering buying a home in Henderson, you’ll want to connect with experienced real estate agents in Henderson to help provide inside advice into the local real estate market and give you more details on the homes you are considering buying. Compared to other suburbs in the Las Vegas area, Henderson is one of the fastest-growing of all surrounding areas. It is a popular destination to visit and live in the Las Vegas Valley region. It even has its own set of amenities, including nightlife, entertainment, art and culture, outdoor areas, and much more. 

    Personality and Culture 

    Like other suburbs in the Las Vegas area, Henderson has its own distinctive personality and features. Henderson is a top pick for families who appreciate its low crime rates, quality schools, and the fact that it is close enough to reach Las Vegas easily but is still a separate place. Henderson is also a popular choice for young professionals due to job availability and relatively affordable cost of living compared to other metro areas in the country. Historically, the labor force of Las Vegas has stuck close to the main city, but housing demand is increasing in Henderson and the surrounding suburbs. 

    Recreation and Outdoor Activities 

    For many people, one of the biggest appeals of Henderson is the fact that it has a mild climate and plenty of sunshine. It’s also home to many great outdoor recreational areas. The city contains more than 180 miles of trails, and it has over 1,300 acres of parks and outdoor green spaces. The city even has an award-winning parks department in charge of its recreational areas, which means you can rest assured there are many quality outdoor areas in the vicinity. Health and recreation indoors are equally considered and accounted for. Henderson is home to the Lifeguard Arena, which contains several ice rinks and is the practice area for the Silver Knights. The community is welcome to convene here for skating, and there are multiple youth hockey leagues for the kids to join. 


    Healthcare is also a major consideration for many people looking to move. Fortunately, Henderson has an excellent healthcare system that includes the recent expansion of more than 160 beds to the Henderson Hospital and an integrated healthcare village, making the city one of the first places to have such an offering. The healthcare village includes innovative features such as a memory care facility and a skilled nursing center. 

    There are many good reasons to consider living in Henderson, from the potential for business opportunities to its great safety ratings, outdoor areas, and top schools. The Mor Group is happy to discuss the options available for living here at any time. Simply visit our website or contact us today for more details.

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