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    How to Keep a Positive Tenant-Landlord Relationship

    las vegas property management

    For many people, interacting with their landlord or tenant means paying the bills on time and exchanging pleasantries in passing. However, having a good landlord-tenant relationship goes beyond the basics, too. While you don’t have to be best friends, being on good terms can make fixing problems easier and reduce the likelihood of escalating issues.

    How to Establish a Good Relationship
    The landlord and tenant can do certain things to establish a good working relationship. Following these guidelines offered by a Las Vegas property management company can help you take some simple steps to develop a positive relationship with your landlord or tenant.

    las vegas property management

    Steps landlords can take to develop a good relationship with their tenants includes:

    • Finding good tenants
    • Setting expectations
    • Communication
    • Addressing concerns
    • Property maintenance
    • Respecting privacy

    For landlords, acquiring good tenants, to begin with, makes it much easier to build a positive relationship. Starting with someone you like and deem trustworthy, who in turn is respectful and pleasant towards you, can make a landlord’s life much easier. Regardless of where you choose to advertise a listing for a rental, it is key to screen tenants first. A basic screening includes checking their rental history, employment, credit score, and criminal history. Many landlords also ask for proof of income, which can include pay stubs or verification of other sources of income or assets.

    Setting expectations to clarify what you do and don’t permit will also go a long way in establishing a good relationship. Property managers in Las Vegas say that while it’s important to make it clear what you will or will not permit as a landlord, you can still have a friendly demeanor and an approachable attitude. That will make tenants more likely to feel that they can effectively communicate with you and meet their needs.

    Having open channels of communication also strengthens a landlord-tenant relationship. Landlords should make themselves available and easy to reach in the event of an emergency or something goes wrong with the rental unit and the tenant needs urgent repairs. Landlords can choose what method of communication they prefer, but providing a phone number and an email should be sufficient. Keeping tenant privacy rights and considerations in mind, landlords may also want to visit their property periodically to talk to the tenant and make sure everything is in good shape with the rental.

    If the tenant ever has a concern or grievance about the property, the landlord should ensure that it is addressed immediately. On the landlord’s side, making yourself available for a tenant to reach out helps, but you should also be responsive. If a tenant has a maintenance request or complaint, it should be addressed as quickly as possible. Tenants will rightfully and understandably get upset if they are kept waiting for their landlord to take care of an issue, even if it is not a true emergency. Landlords who do not live onsite sometimes establish online systems or portals that allow tenants to manage various aspects of their rental. For instance, they may be encouraged to pay their rent online, submit a maintenance request, and generally communicate with the landlord.

    Property maintenance is another critical item to consider when building a tenant-landlord relationship. However, property maintenance is not just common courtesy. Landlords are mandated by the Landlord-Tenant Law to keep a tenant’s place safe and livable. However, landlords can and should do more than just the bare minimum when maintaining the tenant’s property. Performing upgrades and improvements is a simple but effective way for landlords to show their tenants that they care about the property. In addition to listening to tenants when they have maintenance requests, landlords can also take the initiative to make repairs themselves when they spot something that seems broken or worn out. A general rule of thumb, a Las Vegas property management will say, is that if a place is not good enough for you to want to rent, it will not be suitable for a tenant.

    Landlords should always be mindful of a tenant’s privacy, even if they live next door. Just as landlords want a peaceful and quiet living environment, they should provide the same assurance for their tenants. Tenants have a right to live comfortably in their place without the landlord constantly interfering. It’s important to know that while the landlord owns the property, the tenant pays to live there. If something needs to be fixed in the rental or the landlord wants to inspect the property for any reason, they should give the tenant the minimum notice required by law. In many states, that minimum is 24 hours, but check your specific state for verification.

    The Tenant’s Responsibilities

    las vegas property management

    While the landlord has some responsibilities for maintaining a healthy landlord-tenant relationship, the tenant does too.

    For starters, the tenant should be sure to pay the rent in full and on time. If you’re renting a place and know that you tend to be forgetful when it comes to things like making payments, consider setting a reminder on your phone or writing down the rental due date on your calendar. Keeping the place neat and clean will also help improve relations with the landlord. Although it might not be the first thing you think of, a Las Vegas property management company also says that you should pay attention to the shape of the appliances in the unit. Try to keep the appliances in good shape to the extent possible so that you’re not faced with repair bills or held responsible for replacing an appliance when you decide to move out.

    If you notice any damages that occur to the property, even if you caused them, you should report them immediately to the landlord. If the damages are fixed, the problem won’t get worse, and property managers in Las Vegas say your landlord will better understand you as a good tenant.

    Another aspect of being a good tenant is being a good neighbor. That means you should try to keep noise levels to a minimum. You should strive to keep your rental in relatively good shape and keep foul odors from coming out of your rental. If you have a pet, clean up after it and don’t allow pet odors to escape from your unit and bother the neighbors.

    Abiding by the terms and conditions of your lease is another characteristic of good tenants. In the eyes of a landlord, following the terms of your lease closely is one of the top things you can do to stand out as a respectful tenant. If the landlord explicitly states that they don’t want you to do certain things, like sublet your apartment, be sure to comply with those orders. Lastly, understand that the landlord has obligations and a personal life. While asking for some improvements and upgrades is acceptable, don’t go overboard with unreasonable requests and demands.

    If you’re wondering “where are quality property managers near me?”, contact The Mor Group to get advice from the best property management in Las Vegas about improving your landlord-tenant relationship today. Contact Cassie and Adi, owners of The Mor Group, by calling 702-501-1085 or filling out our contact form here.

    View our current real estate listings here.

    View our current real estate listings here.

    las vegas property management

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