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    6. Each applicant must have a minimum credit score of 670 and must have no collections within the last year. *
    7. Combined household income must be at least 3 times the monthly rent amount. *
    8. Each applicant must provide their 3 most recent Bank Statements showing an ending balance of at least 2 times the monthly rent amount. *
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    10. Each applicant must have good rental history with No Evictions. *
    11. The Mor Group does not accept co-signers for this rental application. *
    12. Regarding Service Animals, Assistance Animals, or Emotional Support Animals: Applicants must provide documentation from a Physician, Psychiatrist, Social Worker, or other Mental Health Care Professional showing that the animal provides emotional support that alleviates one or more of the identified symptoms or effects of an existing disability. *

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    How to Screen a Tenant For a Rental Property

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    Before renting out a property, you want some assurance that you are renting to the right person. Along with ensuring a suitable match for the place, proper tenant screening can avoid problems for both the tenant and the property owner. Property managers in Las Vegas have key insight into screening a tenant before renting a place out, and they are happy to share their advice with those looking to rent their property.

    Prospective Tenant Criteria

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    When searching for the right tenant, landlords must be fair. To set the stage for a good fit, property managers in Las Vegas recommend using a standard set of criteria to avoid problems and whittle down the pool of prospective candidates to the cream of the crop. While you don’t have to evaluate prospective tenants on every criterion, these are some of the most important considerations to think about when deciding if someone is a good fit:

    • Credit score
    • Credit history
    • Proof of employment or income
    • Ability to pay rent and security deposit
    • Clear background check

    The Mor Group requires a minimum FICO credit score of 650. A decent credit score means the tenant will be less of a risk to the lender and the property owner. Healthy credit history is also essential. Most tenants will have a credit history, but if they don’t, landlords can also look at other qualifying criteria to determine if a tenant is a good fit for the home.

    Naturally, property owners will want to know that the tenant can afford to pay for their living place. They should show proof of ability to pay for the security deposit and the first month’s rent at a minimum. As an added layer of security, The Mor Group requires prospective tenants to show that they can continue to pay for their rent down the road. Tenants must have at least three times the amount of rent in their savings account as the ending balance, and they must show that their income, which can come from multiple sources, amounts to three times the rent monthly. A background check is also vital, and property owners should make sure that any tenants they want to take on for the rental do not have any red flags in their background.

    Red Flags

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    Tenants may have some red flags that show they may not be the best fit for a rental. This may include unstable employment history, a history of bankruptcy or evictions, missed payments, or criminal history. If you find any of these issues when screening a tenant, you may want to investigate further to find out what caused the problem. The tenant may have had an unknown problem in their credit report, been a victim of identity theft, or fallen on hard times. Sometimes tenants may have had a difficult life before, but they are now ready to set their lives straight. The latter issue may be more of a judgment call on the property owner’s behalf. Still, you can always ask a Las Vegas property management company for advice if you are unsure whether or not to allow a particular tenant to rent your property.

    How to Screen a Tenant
    Screening a tenant for a rental includes these seven steps:

    • Minimum criteria
    • Pre-screening
    • COVID-19
    • Applications and screening consent
    • Credit and criminal check
    • Verify information
    • Sign the lease

    First, you’ll want to set some minimum criteria when selecting a tenant. That should include a minimum credit score of 650 at a minimum or higher if you live in a more expensive location. Additionally, you will want to set out the financial obligations of your lease. If you require a security deposit, include that requirement in writing in the lease. You can also ask for an upfront payment for specific periods, including the first month’s rent, the last month’s rent, and the security deposit. You can also include other important things, such as your smoking and pet policy. If you’re not sure what to list as your rules, you can also get some inspiration by checking out other listings in your area.

    Pre-Screen Tenants

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    Pre-screening tenants can help weed out tenants that may not ultimately be a good fit for your property. By laying out your qualifying criteria ahead of time, you can save time and effort on both ends by eliminating prospective tenants who wouldn’t want to tour the property based on your criteria. For the listing, you can list the features of the property, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, along with requirements such as monthly rent rate, security deposit, credit report cost, background check, references, no evictions, and smoking or pet policies.

    COVID-19 is still a consideration for many property owners looking to rent out their properties. You may want to make special provisions in your lease contract for COVID-19, such as noting if there are some amenities on your property that will not be available while COVID-19 persists. There may also be restrictions on group gatherings and even rental showings. If someone’s employment has been affected by COVID-19, you may also want to consider that. When people tour the property, you can ask that they take precautions such as wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer. You can also clean and disinfect the property after each visit.

    Once you’ve gained interest in the property, you can review applications to learn more about your potential future tenants. If they are serious about renting, you can also ask their permission for screening. A rental application should ask about an applicant’s birth date, driver’s license, social security number, previous address, and other occupants living in the space. You can also request information about employment and income. Any pets should be mentioned in the application.

    A credit and criminal history check are also necessary. The best property management in Las Vegas will say it’s a good idea to look at more than just a credit history when evaluating a tenant. You should also verify that the tenant provided the correct name, birth date, employment history, and previous addresses. You should also ensure they do not have financial problems, bankruptcy, or excessive debt.

    Next, you’ll want to check other information about the tenant, the best property management in Las Vegas says. That includes verifying their information, such as their name, employment, background, and previous landlords. You can also contact their references for more information about them.

    After narrowing down your list of tenants:

    • Try to choose two or three possible options.
    • Run a background check on each and verify the information they gave you.
    • After deciding on a tenant, let them know immediately and set up a time to sign the lease.

    A lawyer or Las Vegas property management company, can help draft a lease. If you have questions or want to know “where can I find property managers near me?”, contact The Mor Group today for assistance.

    best property management in las vegas

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