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    Thank you for taking the time to apply for one of our rental properties. Below you will find a list of our minimum rental requirements to be considered for approval.

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    3. Each occupant over the age of 18 must apply. *
    4. Each applicant must provide a legible copy of their State Issued ID or Driver’s License. *
    5. Each applicant must have and provide their Social Security Number for the purposes of processing their background, credit, criminal, and eviction history. *
    6. Each applicant must have a minimum credit score of 670 and must have no collections within the last year. *
    7. Combined household income must be at least 3 times the monthly rent amount. *
    8. Each applicant must provide their 3 most recent Bank Statements showing an ending balance of at least 2 times the monthly rent amount. *
    9. Each applicant must provide 4 of their most recent pay stubs from their current employer(s). *
    10. Each applicant must have good rental history with No Evictions. *
    11. The Mor Group does not accept co-signers for this rental application. *
    12. Regarding Service Animals, Assistance Animals, or Emotional Support Animals: Applicants must provide documentation from a Physician, Psychiatrist, Social Worker, or other Mental Health Care Professional showing that the animal provides emotional support that alleviates one or more of the identified symptoms or effects of an existing disability. *

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    How to Secure a Vacation Home or Second Property

    Secure a Vacation Home

    Secure a Vacation Home

    If you own a vacation home or a property that you don’t live in full-time, it is always nice to know that you have someplace to go for a getaway or a change of scenery. However, there are some obligations involved with owning a second property, including making sure the home is safe and secure when you’re not there. There are a number of steps that you can take to safeguard your property, which a property manager in Las Vegas can explain in greater detail to secure a vacation home.

    Hire a Home Watch Company
    No matter how you choose to safeguard your property when you are not there, hiring a trustworthy local company to have a physical presence on the property is one of the most effective steps you can take in protecting a vacation house. A home watch company is a great resource, and you can get a good recommendation from the best property management in Las Vegas. Someone from a home watch company will also be able to take care of basic tasks like checking the mail and collecting papers or packages. Additionally, a home watch company can periodically check your home to ensure it does not have any maintenance problems and help schedule repairs if maintenance is needed. Home watch professionals can also visit your home after a natural disaster or a power outage to ensure everything looks okay.

    Secure a Vacation Home

    Set Up a Home Security System
    A home security system is a great tool to have if you are not around to watch your property all the time. In order to keep an eye on the vacation house or property when you are somewhere else, a Henderson property management company will recommend getting a security system that allows for remote monitoring around the clock. A 24/7 surveillance system allows you to watch your house remotely to look for any unusual activity or signs of a problem. While a professional can provide advice about what kind of surveillance system to get, you should aim to get a security camera with infrared heat detection and night vision to help make sure any alerts regarding suspicious activity are accurate. Additionally, a professional can help you determine what type of security system is right for your property and make sure you abide by all applicable state laws. If your second property is an apartment, you may need to have one or two security systems installed to keep watch on the property. However, if your home is situated on a larger piece of land, you may need to have a more elaborate security system that includes multiple cameras used indoors and outside.

    Secure a Vacation Home

    Get a Smart Doorbell
    In addition to having a surveillance system around your property, you can also easily keep an eye on the front door while you are away. A smart doorbell also comes in handy for times when you are at your vacation house. You can replace your regular doorbell with a smart doorbell, which is a doorbell that has its own security system. A smart doorbell is equipped with video capabilities to keep an eye on who is at the front or back door. Some doorbells also have a two-way audio system that allows you to communicate with others at the door, including delivery people and guests. Another good reason to get a smart doorbell is that it’s a relatively inexpensive upgrade, which means you’ll get an extra layer of security and protection for your property without too much upfront cost.

    Secure a Vacation Home

    Secure Access Points
    When people know that you are not around, it’s easy for them to start looking for places to get into the house. Naturally, the doors and windows are some of the first places they can try to enter. Any time you leave the house, you should be sure that the windows and doors are locked and secured. If your property is older, you may want to get new locks to make sure that the access points are as secure as they can be. It’s also a good idea to get security alarms that will go off if someone tries to break through the door or windows. A Henderson property management company can recommend upgrades to ensure you have a secure locking system, along with recommending security systems if you want to arm your doors and windows against break-ins when you’re not there.

    Secure a Vacation Home

    Maintain the Property
    A house with newspapers piled in the driveway, a dark interior, and an overgrown lawn are all good indications that someone is not occupying the property. These signs are also an invitation for ill-intentioned individuals to attempt a burglary. Leaving a few lights on inside and outside the home can help to deter thefts from breaking into your house. Performing basic outdoor maintenance such as keeping the lawn mowed and trimming the bushes, trees, and hedges makes it look like someone is living at the house. These simple landscaping measures can also make it harder for burglars to hide on the property.

    Install Adequate Lighting
    If you don’t have sufficient lighting in your home, upgrading the lights can make your home safer around the clock. Modern home technology is available to help you control the lighting in your home for added convenience and peace of mind. Even from afar, you can use remote lighting technology to set the lights on a timer so that they turn on and off at a certain time. Motion lights are also a great addition to an exterior lighting plan, as they can illuminate darker areas of the property when motion is detected and help prevent break-ins.

    Meet Your Neighbors
    If you don’t live in your vacation home year-round, it can be harder to get to know people in the neighborhood. However, taking the time to meet other people who live nearby is a great way to help protect your property. It’s also a cost-effective method of securing your property. Having trustworthy neighbors gives you the freedom to let people know when you will not be there and have them keep an eye on the property. In addition to a property manager in Las Vegas, reliable neighbors can also alert you to any suspicious activity around the house or check for problems. You can also ask a neighbor to look in on the home after a significant event such as a storm or a power outage.

    Secure a Vacation Home

    If you own a vacation home, you want to know that you can come and go from the house knowing that everything will be in good working order. The Mor Group, which offers the best property management in Las Vegas, is here to assist with all your house watch needs when you’re out of town. From recommending a home watch company to helping you install technology to secure a vacation home when you’re away, contact The Mor Group for help protecting your vacation home today.

    Secure a Vacation Home

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