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    Renter-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades

    property managers in las vegas

    When people are considering places they want to live, they look for specific amenities and conveniences in their next home. Of all the rooms in a living space, the bathroom is one room people are most concerned about. Landlords, therefore, should take special care to keep the bathroom updated. Along with considering all the basics, such as working appliances, landlords can take simple steps to ensure the bathroom is suitable and appealing to tenants, say property managers in Las Vegas.

    Install a Mirror Light Kit
    A mirror light kit is an affordable way to upgrade the lighting in the bathroom without going overboard on expenses. A mirror light kit will help with makeup application and getting ready in the morning. Mirror lighting kits feature lights of varying colors that make the room appear brighter, and they are available for as little as $15.00.

    Interlocking Teak Tiles

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    Teak tiles are a simple but beautiful upgrade that landlords can make to make a rental space instantly look more glamorous and elegant, as the best property management in Las Vegas can say. Teak tiles will instantly transform a rental from looking dreary to turning it into a dream unit. Teak tiles are also designed to withstand salt, weather, and dirt. They can make a beautiful addition to an outdoor patio, an outdoor shower, or any other outside living space.

    Hair Tool Holder
    A hair tool holder that hangs over the door is a good option for people who want to keep their hair tools and brushes ready for use at a moment’s notice. This handy rack can hold a hair dryer, brushes, and other heating tools.

    New Shelving
    If the bathroom is a small space, getting some new shelves may help to make the space look better and give the tenants more storage. An affordable but attractive addition to your bathroom can easily increase your chances of renting the space out, say property managers in Las Vegas. For a new type of shelving that is affordable but offers plenty of aesthetic appeal in your bathroom, consider getting brass and acrylic shelving. If you get transparent shelving, you will benefit from letting natural light filter into the bathroom and brighten up the room.

    Bathroom Towel Ladder

    las vegas property management

    A bathroom towel ladder is another great way to spruce up a bathroom while creating more storage space and accommodating a range of needs. A bathroom towel ladder is also easy to make, so if you have a creative imagination and some basic woodworking skills, you can easily build your own towel ladder from scratch! A towel ladder can also be moved to various places throughout your bathroom. Adding a touch of glamour with more upscale materials such as gold can also make your prospective tenants happier. While many landlords lean towards practical upgrades to solve their tenants’ problems, adding decorative and ornamental elements to the bathroom will make it look more upscale, which can also increase your likelihood of attracting good tenants.

    Pegboard Storage Arrangements
    Pegboards are great tools for storing all of a tenant’s essentials. They can be used to organize a bathroom, kitchen, garage, and any other room in the house. A pegboard can hold small storage racks for a toothbrush, toiletries, and any other item you may use regularly. Pegboard storage shelves can also replace shelving entirely in a bathroom if you are particularly short on space.

    Cover the Countertops
    Although it may seem like a trivial detail when upgrading a bathroom, upgrading the countertops can greatly impact your tenant’s happiness. Upgrading the countertops with a marble façade, for instance, can make the bathroom seem more upscale and welcoming right away.

    Vertical Space
    No matter what kind of storage solution you ultimately decide to use, a Las Vegas property management company says that vertical space is essential to maximize the amount of storage capacity in a bathroom. If you have furniture that don’t quite fit in other places in your home that could help with storage in the bathroom, don’t hesitate to make those changes. For instance, if you have a narrow bookcase, you can add it as an upgrade to a bathroom without taking up too much floor space.

    A Las Vegas property management company will tell you that mirrors on the wall can add a significant amount of space to a bathroom. Mirrors can be both stylish and functional in a bathroom, and mirrors can help make a room feel larger, even if you don’t have amenities such as double sinks in your bathroom. A second mirror to your bathroom can add a sense of space and make it easier for two people to use the bathroom simultaneously if you’re sharing close quarters.

    Frame an Old Mirror
    If you really want a simple upgrade to the mirror in your bathroom, consider upgrading the frame on an existing mirror. Electrical tape is a surprising and simple upgrade to a bathroom that can make the mirror look much better in no time at all. Electrical tape will give the bathroom mirror a modern appeal, and it tends to last a long time. An added benefit of electrical tape is that it is inexpensive, so a little amount goes a long way.

    Cover the Cabinets
    Covering the cabinets in your living space can also make a big difference for potential tenants, as a Las Vegas property management company can say. Covering the cabinets with contact paper will give them an upgraded look while protecting the countertops from further damage.

    Cover Floor Areas
    As with other parts of an apartment or house, the floor may be one area that is in need of improvements before you rent out the place to tenants. If the bathroom floor looks like it could use some sprucing up, there is luckily a quick and easy solution in the form of spray-on tiles. The tiles are available at Home Depot, and they have a convenient stick-and-peel mechanism.

    Add Textured Wall Art
    Sometimes, adding your own creative wall art can go a long way in making a place look much better. That can be as simple as framing old photographs, a t-shirt, or anything else that inspires you, say property managers in Las Vegas.

    Get New Bathroom Towels

    las vegas property management

    Although it may seem like a trivial upgrade, new bathroom towels can make your bathroom look much nicer. Ideally, you should strive to get new bathroom towels at least once every 12 months. New towels are better for the skin and always make the bathroom look cleaner and more refreshing.

    For more ideas on modernizing a bathroom in a rental space, don’t hesitate to contact The Mor Group today if you’re wondering “where can I find property managers near me?”.

    Contact Cassie and Adi, owners of The Mor Group, by calling 702-501-1085 or filling out our contact form here.

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    property managers in las vegas

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