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    Trendy Las Vegas Neighborhoods for 2022

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    Las Vegas is a fun city to live in, and it has the numbers to prove it! In a nationwide study of more than 180 cities conducted by WalletHub, Las Vegas topped the list of best places for recreation, entertainment, nightlife, and the cost of participating in activities. Compared to all the cities in the survey, Las Vegas was ranked #1 as the most fun city in the country. While you’ll find many great spots and amenities across Sin City, you’ll want to learn more about the individual neighborhoods in the city, as each has its own unique personality and amenities. A Henderson property management company can provide more insights into the different neighborhoods you may want to live in.

    Green Valley

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    Green Valley is a fun neighborhood with many great amenities, including a casino, a library, retail stores, coffee shops, and a multi-generational center. There is also a farmer’s market where you can stock up on fresh produce and walking paths that you can use for meandering around the neighborhood. The local businesses in Green Valley are conveniently grouped together at the intersection of Paseo Verde and Green Valley Parkway. There is also an outdoor shopping mall and a resort and casino with its own movie theatre, restaurants, and hotel-style amenities, including a glistening swimming pool. There is also a hot tub that you can enjoy any time, which a Las Vegas property management company will tell you is a great asset.


    Las Vegas Neighborhoods

    Henderson is located about 16 miles southeast of Sin City. Henderson is another great Las Vegas suburb to live in, as a Las Vegas property management company will tell you. Henderson first emerged during World War II. Henderson was originally an industrial center, but it was converted into a residential district in the 1980s. Today, Henderson is a nice mix of residential and commercial spaces, including Green Valley Ranch, the Fiesta, and the Sunset Station. All three places are hotel-casino establishments. Henderson features a downtown space called the “booze district”, which is a mix of local distilleries and breweries. There are also many vibrant restaurants in Henderson, which has a variety of distilleries and breweries. Henderson also has a happening restaurant scene with a combination of familiar favorites and upscale gourmet restaurants, including The Stove and the Kitchen Table. Those who like natural areas will also appreciate living in Henderson, close to Lake Mead and Sloan Canyon. Both areas are two of the most spectacular natural areas in the region. If you are looking for a great place to live, Henderson should top the list, as it consistently ranks among the top places to live in the country. Many housing options are available in Henderson, and it also stands out for its top-notch schools. Shopping options are nearly infinite in Henderson, and it also has many great spots to grab a bite to eat. Even within Las Vegas neighborhoods, Henderson consistently ranks at the top of the list of neighborhoods where people want to live.


    Las Vegas Neighborhoods

    Inspirada, as the best property management in Las Vegas will attest, is a thriving suburb with a number of great features. Here you’ll find many new houses that cater to the contemporary lifestyle. There are plenty of activities for those who enjoy living an active lifestyle. Amenity-packed parks are also a staple in Inspirada, with no entertainment shortage for adults, children, and families. This thriving community also has hiking trails available through the Sloan Canyon when you want to get outside and get some fresh air. Inspirada also has plenty of community spirit, as evidenced by the fact that there are many ways to connect with your neighbors in Inspirada at the same time that you are deepening connections within your own family. For the kids, Inspirada has five great parks that offer a variety of outdoor activities, including family playtime events and sports. There are many opportunities to mingle and meet your neighbors as you convene for the neighborhood’s many events. Getting exercise is safe and accessible in various forms, including biking, walking, and rollerblading around the community. In total, Inspirada covers 85 acres of land, and it is home to 4,000 residents, as a Henderson property management company will tell you. Along with all its fixtures, Inspirada also has occasional events, including yoga classes, movie nights, and even marathons. Also within striking distance, you’ll find other attractions, including museums and golf courses. Families with school-aged children will appreciate that there are many top-rated schools in the area. If you need to drive anywhere, you don’t have to worry about getting from one place to another, as Inspirada is within easy reach of five highways.

    Seven Hills

    Las Vegas Neighborhoods

    If you are looking for a luxurious place to live, Seven Hills is a top choice. Seven Hills is an upscale luxury community with an abundance of custom homes. Several neighborhoods within Seven Hills are located close to the Rio Secco Golf Course. The luxury homes in this upscale community are located just 20 minutes away from the Strip in Las Vegas. There are 25 different upscale communities within Seven Hills, which gives you plenty of options to choose from. Seven Hills contains a number of prestigious and coveted neighborhoods in the area, including Palazzo Monte, Villa Villagio, Venezia, Terracina, and Meridiana. The communities are designed to capture the allure and beauty of ancient Rome. The homes in the neighborhood feature a beautiful Italian Mecca-style design that is designed to emulate the style of homes found in ancient Roman villas. The homes in this neighborhood are conveniently located in one upscale and quiet luxury community with stunning views of the McCullough Mountains. Rolling hills and lush green spaces highlight this exceptional community, which has many communal areas, including nearly 10 miles of walking trails and nine parks. There is also an 18-hole golf course in the neighborhood.

    MacDonald Ranch

    MacDonald Ranch is an exquisite community for people who want to enjoy the convenience of luxury living while also enjoying spectacular views. A Henderson property management company will tell you that MacDonald Ranch is an upscale golf community. The concept for the community began in the 1970s when the community’s founder Rich MacDonald decided to build a master-planned community with sweeping views of the mountains around Las Vegas. In total, the MacDonald community encompasses 1,200 acres. Although the community was purchased in the 1970s, it wasn’t until the 1990s that the MacDonald family got all the permits and zoning permissions necessary. Today, the MacDonald Ranch is located in the Las Vegas Valley in the southern foothills. The MacDonald Ranch also has sweeping views of the Las Vegas Valley floor. If you’re curious to learn about market trends, the median list price in the neighborhood is $606.79K. The average price per square foot is $269.88. There are currently just over 370 active listings. Residents of all ages are welcome, and MacDonald Ranch even has a 55+ community. Residents who live at the ranch can access several amenities, including clubhouses, golf courses, trails, and pools. The District at Green Valley Ranch, which is close by, offers restaurants and shopping.

    If you’re ready to buy a property with the best property management in Las Vegas, don’t hesitate to contact The Mor Group for more insight and suggestions regarding living in the trendiest neighborhoods in Las Vegas.

    Las Vegas Neighborhoods

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