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    Welcome to MacDonald Highlands

    Welcome to MacDonald Highlands

    MacDonald Highlands

    Known for its stunning homes, scenic views, and world-class amenities

    Nestled in a family-friendly setting just a short drive from Las Vegas and other popular destinations in the region, the master-planned community of MacDonald Highlands is the perfect canvas for building the life you’ve always dreamed of.

    Developed by Rich MacDonald, MacDonald Highlands sprawls across 1,320 acres in Henderson, Nevada, meticulously designed to be an ultra-luxurious, modern residential community. It seamlessly harmonizes the natural beauty of the desert with the modern conveniences of 21st-century living.

    Within this gated community, choose from among several exclusive neighborhoods, all strategically located for easy access to popular shopping centers, top schools, and the finest dining and entertainment venues that Las Vegas is known for.

    Complementing this exceptional development are luxury amenities, including an 18-hole championship golf course and the award-winning DragonRidge Country Club, a major attraction within the community.

    If you’re eager to find your forever home in this celebrated community, continue reading for more information and insights into MacDonald Highlands homes for sale.

    Overview Of MacDonald Highlands

    A brief history

    MacDonald Highlands took shape in the early 1970s, initiated by the MacDonald family who acquired the property’s approximately 3,200 acres in the Las Vegas Valley. Nestled in the hillsides, this beautiful piece of land offered unparalleled views of the valley. Despite its beauty, the area was often deemed “inhospitable” and challenging for construction and development by many.

    It wasn’t until Richard “Rich” MacDonald, returning from Hawaii, personally took charge of the real estate development that the potential of the site began to unfold. The property was strategically divided into four communities or villages, with MacDonald Highlands emerging from Village III.

    Rich and his wife harbored a vision for the entire development to evolve into a comprehensive community, complete with parks, offices, commercial centers, and schools. Their visionary ideas seamlessly translated into the grand design, earning them numerous awards for their exceptional work.

    MacDonald Highlands isn’t merely an upscale residential community; it stands as an eco-friendly oasis, supported by various green features aimed at preserving the natural surroundings and optimizing resource conservation.

    Location and Nearby Areas

    MacDonald Highlands draws inspiration from the breathtaking natural surroundings of Henderson, Nevada, creating a community that seamlessly blends comfort with sophistication.

    MacDonald Highlands is home to just over 6,300 residents, with an average age of around 41.6 years and an average income of approximately $71,600.

    Nestled in the foothills of Black Mountain about 2,700 feet above the valley, the community is an integral part of the greater Las Vegas Valley. It’s strategically positioned a mere 15 miles from the iconic Las Vegas Strip and 20 miles from downtown Las Vegas – a location that allows residents to enjoy the vibrant city life, relish in the amazing views of the glittering Las Vegas skyline and the surrounding desert, and live in the tranquility of their residential haven.

    Surrounded by Del Webb to the west, McCullough Hills to the northeast and west, Green Valley Ranch to the northwest, and The Canyons to the southwest, MacDonald Highlands is also in close proximity to Ascaya and Roma Hills. This well-connected community provides easy access to various neighboring areas, enriching the living experience for its residents.

    MacDonald Highlands Homes For Sale

    Property Types

    Real estate in MacDonald Highland consists of custom single-family homes boasting breathtaking views – whether of the valley, canyons, foothills, or the iconic Las Vegas skyline – each MacDonald Highlands residence embraces quiet opulence. They come with expansive lots, allowing for spacious backyards and outdoor amenities such as resort-style pools, spas, and furnished patios perfect for entertaining guests.

    The community is eagerly awaiting the completion of its first condo development, the Four Seasons Private Residences in Las Vegas, which is currently under construction with a scheduled completion of 2025. The development will include 171 high-rise residences in two towers, providing panoramic views and luxurious living spaces, as well as 6 independent villas designed for family-style living, offering a similar high-end experience but with a single-family home feel.

    Home sizes and prices

    MacDonald Highlands boasts generous home sizes, ranging from a minimum of 3,500 square feet to over 10,000 square feet. Home prices range from approximately $500,000 to over $25 million. Due to the demand, MacDonald Highlands homes for sale don’t often stay long in the market.

    Average Home Prices

    $637,664 Lowest
    $3,200,000 Average
    $18,426,500 Highest

    Average Home Statistics

    4.45 No. of Beds
    4.65 No. of Baths
    4754.83 Sq.Ft.

    Average Home Price (per square feet)

    $187.35 Lowest
    $673 Average
    $1478.06 Highest

    Architectural Styles

    Guided by the vision of Richard MacDonald, many homes in MacDonald Highlands come in the “prairie style”, an aesthetic pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright, characterized by open-plan layouts that seamlessly blend with the lines of the desert.

    MacDonald Highlands upholds stringent rules on home designs. All home developments and renovations must adhere to community guidelines that prioritize harmonizing with the natural landscape. This commitment translates to warm, neutral exteriors, outdoor spaces adorned with drought-tolerant plants, a natural palette of greens and browns, and the use of architectural techniques that uphold the cohesive look and vibe of the entire community.

    In adherence to these community standards, residences in MacDonald Highlands follow a unique thematic “natural desert” concept. Many houses are constructed using natural materials, showcasing simple yet standout structures against the backdrop of the desert and hillside landscape.

    Upon entering these residences, common features include high ceilings, open layouts, modern finishes, spacious rooms maximizing natural light, and spa showers and steam baths. Other common features include grand balconies, terraces, lanais, and patios for entertaining.

    For those who desire to renovate or develop homes tailored to their preferences, accredited architects and builders familiar with MacDonald Highlands rules and guidelines are available.

    These professionals ensure that any additions or modifications align with the community’s aesthetic and design standards.

    Living In MacDonald Highlands

    As a secured gated community, MacDonald Highlands maintains stringent security measures with only three gateways facilitating entry and exit.

    Getting Around

    As a secured gated community, MacDonald Highlands maintains stringent security measures with only three gateways facilitating entry and exit. The neighborhood predominantly relies on private transportation, with most residents being car-dependent, although some choose to bike or walk. Limited public transport options are available within and around the area.

    For those arriving or departing by air, the McCarran International Airport is conveniently just a short drive away.

    Community Vibe

    As one of the most exclusive and upscale neighborhoods in Nevada and the entire United States, MacDonald Highlands fulfills its commitment to providing a “paradise on earth.” The high-end, resort-style homes elevate your living experience, offering unparalleled views of the sky, desert, hills, and the mesmerizing night lights of Las Vegas. While in proximity to the vibrant energy of Las Vegas, MacDonald Highlands ensures both security and seclusion, carving out a corner of tranquility and beauty amidst the Nevada desert.

    Within the desert landscape, MacDonald Highlands entices guests and residents with a range of activities. Explore scenic walking trails, indulge in private parks and pools, and embrace an active lifestyle with access to the Country Club and golf course.

    Activities and Attractions

    One of the sources of immense pride for the MacDonald Highlands community is the DragonRidge Country Club, the central hub for leisure, sports, and various activities. This state-of-the-art clubhouse features a swimming pool, a convenient snack bar, meeting rooms, event venues, and an elegant ballroom.

    At the heart of the Country Club lies the multi-awarded, members-only championship 18-hole golf course masterfully designed by renowned golf course architects, Jay Morrish and David Druzisky. Nestled at the base of the McCullough Mountains, this golf course offers not only a challenging play, but also breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Valley. Complementing the expansive fairways is an impressive 60,000 square foot practice facility.

    The DragonRidge Fitness Center is another remarkable attraction at the country club. This 15,000 square foot facility includes a fully equipped gym, exercise rooms, massage studios, private Pilates rooms, a steam room, a sauna, and whirlpool.

    Adjacent to the DragonRidge Fitness Center is the Tennis Complex, featuring five championship courts ideal for hosting pro tennis tournaments, matches, and sports clinics. The complex also includes outdoor amenities such as a basketball court and a sand volleyball court.

    For those leading active lifestyles, MacDonald Highlands offers the perfect environment for jogging with its wide roads, safe paths, and winding trails. For outdoor enthusiasts, the nearby Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area provides opportunities for hiking and biking. Additionally, the Lake Mead National Recreation Area is easily accessible, allowing residents to indulge in water sports, swimming, fishing, camping, and boating.

    The Henderson area, home to MacDonald Highlands, boasts 52 parks and over 200 miles of trails, including the River Mountains Loop Trail, the Pittman Wash Trail, and the Amargosa Trail.

    In the MacDonald Highlands area, you’ll find several parks and walking trails.The East Park, West Park, and Linear Park provide residents with green open spaces and serene environments for relaxation, recreation, and a close connection with nature.

    Location and nearby areas

    MacDonald Highlands was the first eco-friendly hillside community in the Southern Nevada Area. Every structure, from homes to facilities and neighborhood amenities, is meticulously designed to enhance and not obstruct the natural surroundings. To prioritize the community’s privacy and security, MacDonald Highlands also makes sure to maintain a low-density population.

    Each home adheres to the principle of understated elegance, where functional design and top-of-the line finishes converge to create harmony with the stunning natural surroundings.

    As a premier neighborhood, MacDonald Highlands real estate values show a steady increase year after year, ensuring that homebuyers quickly realize the value of their investments.

    Shopping and Dining Scene

    Looking to wine, dine, and be entertained? Every new day – and night – holds the potential for unforgettable experiences. You don’t have to venture far to satisfy your cravings for great fare, as MacDonald Highlands offers a menu of delicious options right within The DragonRidge Country Club.

    Here, you’ll discover three distinctive dining venues:

    Dragon Grille. Ideal for family outings and intimate dates, Dragon Grille serves up delectable comfort food with daily lunch and dinner specials. Don’t miss their weekend brunch for a delightful start to your day!
    Montrose. Elevate your dining experience at Montrose, a fine dining restaurant perfect for special occasions. It’s renowned for its exquisite cuisine featuring steaks, seafood, pasta, and chef specials.
    ONYX Bar. Unwind after a long day with at this posh hangout overlooking DragonRidge’s 18th hole. ONYX Bar offers live sporting events and happy hour specials, providing the perfect ambiance for relaxation and socializing.

    Beyond the confines of The DragonRidge Country Club, additional dining options await at The District at Green Valley Ranch, a cozy shopping center just a short 15-minute drive away. Additionally, CHARM Thai Kitchen & Coffee, located west of the golf course, offers another enticing culinary experience.

    If retail therapy is what you seek, The District at Green Valley Ranch beckons with its charming tree-lined avenues, inviting shoppers to leisurely explore its diverse array of stores and boutiques.


    As a family-oriented community, MacDonald Highlands homes are situated near several private and public schools. These include:

    Elementary schools

    • James E&A Rae Smalley
    • John C. Vanderburg Elementary

    Middle schools

    • Bob Miller Middle School
    • Mannion Middle School
    • Del E. Webb Middle School

    High schools

    • Greenspun Junior High School
    • Foothill High School


    • St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School
    • Coral Academy of Science Sandy Ridge Campus

    Find Your Dream Home In MacDonald Highlands

    MacDonald Highlands stands as the epitome of the “best of the best” communities, offering a masterfully planned neighborhood, architecturally stylish homes, and world-class facilities. This premier community ensures a living experience unparalleled in every aspect, whether you prefer the comfort of your cozy home, the embrace of nature’s beauty, or a taste of the high life in Las Vegas. MacDonald Highlands effortlessly ticks off every item on your list of must-haves for a modern residence.

    Are you ready to embrace a brighter future with your family and loved ones in the Southern Nevada area? MacDonald Highlands invites you, promising an unparalleled living experience.

    With The Mor Group by your side, rest assured that you’ll discover the real estate property that perfectly aligns with your requirements. Are you ready to check out MacDonald Highlands homes for sale? Our team of property specialists, with our wide portfolio of premium property listings, can present you with the best options available. With over 20 years of experience providing a full range of real estate services, we are your best guide to this highly coveted community.

    For more information or to begin your journey towards the home and community of your dreams, reach out to our team of experienced MacDonald Highlands Realtors at 702.501.1085 or send us an email here. We look forward to helping you turn your dreams into reality.

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